Harvest Underway

Harvesting is now underway on farms either with the first pass or, in some cases, the start of the second pass.  So far, leaves from the bottom of the plant are curing quite clean.  Irrigation is a common site on several farms and a good rain would be welcomed.

Bottom of the plant following first pass with the harvester.

To date, Potato Virus Y (PVY) has been the most common disease observed on farms, however, in most cases it is not causing significant losses.  Other diseases currently being observed, typically at low incidence, have been Target Spot, White Mould and Pole Rot while curing.  No Blue Mold has been reported in any tobacco fields in Ontario so far this season.

Insect pressure from Green Peach Aphids is typical for this time of year.  Hornworm populations have been on the low side in most fields over most of the season.

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