More Reports of Blue Mold in U.S.

There have been further reports of Blue Mold on tobacco in the United States.  The disease has been recently reported in fields in Georgia and South Carolina.  Earlier in the season it was known to be present in Pennsylvania and on tobacco in greenhouses in Georgia.

To date, there have been no reports of Blue Mold in Ontario.  Growers should routinely scout fields for signs of Blue Mold (see photos below for some of the symptoms).  More detailed information about identification of Blue Mold and its control can be found in the technical bulletin entitled “Tobacco Pests and Disorders in the Field – Blue Mold” posted in the Plant Protection area of this website, as well as in OMAFRA publications 842 and 843.  If you find Blue Mold, please report it immediately.

Early Blue Mold Lesions

Yellow lesions on the upper surface of leaves at the bottom of the plant are an early symptom of Blue Mold.

Blue Mold on Underside of Leaf

Bluish-grey spores on the underside of the leaf are another symptom of Blue Mold.

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