The Canadian Tobacco Research Foundation (CTRF) conducts applied research on tobacco production.

As a result of CTRF’s research efforts, almost all of the flue-cured tobacco varieties grown currently in Canada were developed through the CTRF’s breeding program. Good leaf quality, high yield and disease resistance are key traits of the varieties being developed and grown today.

Several of the newer registered pesticides now being used on tobacco were tested by the CTRF for efficacy, as well as for their effects on agronomic performance. The results from this work have assisted in the registration and usage of these products on tobacco.

Many of the cultural practices, as well as some of the newer technologies, in use today by growers have also resulted from work undertaken by the CTRF.

From time to time on this site, under the heading “Crop News” observations about the current crop, as well as comments related to crop production, will be provided.

Information on CTRF’s research programs and findings from various studies are available to tobacco growers under the “Research” menu on this site.